On December 6, 2007 JSC Gazpromneft-Aero was registered as the subsidiary enterprise of PJSC Gazprom Neft. Since January 2008, the enterprise has conducted aviation fuel supply activities in Russian and foreign airports.

The enterprise is the leading retailer of aviation fuel in Russia with its own chain of fuel-supply facilities.


  • «Gazpromneft-Aero was the first among Russian jet fuel operators to change to automated commercial metering of jet fuel in fueling of aircrafts, which will make it possible to substantially reduce the time of flight servicing and to simplify settlements with airlines.
  • Gazpromneft-Aero cooperated with IATA, to conduct the first-ever in Russia international conference on standardization of data exchange in the sector of aviation fuel supplies. The new electronic formats developed by the task force Fuel Data Standards Group (IATA FDSG*), which includes the largest global aviation fuel suppliers, will make it possible to significantly reduce labor expenses, accelerate document circulation by online-processing of aviation fuel operations.
  • Gazpromneft-Aero and the Chinese national jet fuel supplier – China Aviation Oil Hong Kong Co. Ltd. (CAOHK) entered into a new agreement, which provides for fueling of airlines-partners of CAOHK in airports of presence of Gazpromneft-Aero jet fuel business.
  • Gazprom Neft became the General Partner of the Aviation Fuel Forum organized by the IATA (International Air Transport Association), which was held in St. Petersburg (Russia), the first ever forum of this kind in this country. This event brought together a record number of participants, with over 650 delegates representing 61 countries taking part. A total of 57 major aviation companies and more than 100 suppliers of fuel and equipment for aircraft fueling were represented.
  • Omsk Refueling Complex (Central) and Gazpromneft-Aero Sheremetyevo completed the inspection of their facilities by IATA International Association of Air Transport; the inspectors gave the FSF the highest “green” rating of aviation fuel quality.
  • Gazpromneft-Aero Company and the leading jet fuel supplier in Turkey – SOCAR Turkey Petrol Enerji – entered into an agreement, which provides for fueling of airlines-partners of SOCAR Turkey Petrol Enerji in airports of presence of Gazpromneft-Aero.
  • Gazpromneft-Aero was the first of the aviation fuel companies to equip some 300 vehicles, including 160 air field fuel servicing trucks, with a satellite automobile traffic monitoring system.