Our Business


Gazpromneft-Aero provides aviation fuel, which includes:

  1. Sales of aviation fuel produced at Gazprom Neft oil refineries in airports of Russia and the CIS;
  2. Provision of fuel to planes of partner airlines in more than 180 airports of the world;
  3. Provision of a comprehensive set of services to provide F/Ls and SLs (special liquids) to aircraft, including:
    • reception, storage, preparation for distribution and fueling of aircraft;
    • reception, storage, preparation for distribution and dosing special liquids into the fuel;
    • other services in accordance with the requirements and rules as adopted in civil aviation and required during the fueling process of aircraft.
  4. Quality control of aviation fuels, oils, lubricants, anti-water crystallization, hydraulic, anti-icing liquids at all the stages of their reception, storage, preparation for distribution to assess fitness of aviation F/L for servicing aircraft.
  5. Rendering services to external organizations to perform laboratory tests of F/L and SL in accordance with the enterprise activities.
  6. Gazpromneft-Aero is ready to provide Russian aviation enterprises a step-by-step algorithm for switching to international standards of data transfer to improve the quality and efficiency of fueling operations.