List of Documents to Enter into Contracts

  1. Customer Application;;
  2. Copy of Registration Certificate;
  3. Copy of entry in the Register of Companies;
  4. Copy of the Charter;
  5. Copy of tax registration certificate;
  6. Copy of statistical bureau registration certificate;
  7. Copies of documents verifying the authority of the signatory who will be authorized to enter into and sign contracts on behalf of the contractor (excerpt from the minutes of the general meeting of shareholders (participants), power-of-attorney, etc.);
  8. Copy of balance sheets and profit-and-loss statements;
  9. Copies of licenses and permits (if necessary for this type of activity);
  10. Information on beneficiaries;

Documents (or copies of documents) must be registered no more than 30 days before the date they are provided.

The document as shown in Point 1 shall be executed on the stationery of the business or individual entrepreneur, and the documents in Points 2-9 must be provided as certified and notarized copies.


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