Industrial safety and occupational health

All the enterprises of Gazpromneft-Aero are equipped with cutting-edge safety systems that will prevent workers from falling when working on railway trestles, draining fronts of railway tanks and service points of air field fuel servicing trucks.

The new safety systems follow a typical format: a stage platform allows the worker to move along the entire length of the trestle or other object, without changing the attachment site.

The new safety equipment’s unique feature is the stretcher of the self-blocking element, which eliminates the pendulum effect should a worker fall off. The new safety cable is ergonomic, and can be regulated to match the build of the worker.

Assuring Transportation Safety

Assuring a high level of transportation safety is one of the key tasks for Gazpromneft-Aero enterprises that operate in more than 50 airports of Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

Gazpromneft-Aero was the first aviation fuel company to equip some 300 vehicles, including 160 air field fuel servicing trucks, with a satellite automobile traffic monitoring system. The system was designed by a leading Russian software and hardware manufacturing company.

The digital sensors installed on fuel servicing trucks send real-time information on the routes, speeds and maneuvers of vehicles as they travel. Additional sensors allow remote monitoring of the operation of flashing beacons, headlights, and the use of seat belts by drivers as they maneuver toward the aircraft. The monitoring system that is connected to the on-board computers of fuel servicing trucks copies the information on the technical state of automobiles, which allows monitoring of the technical state and operation of the vehicles.