Digital FSF


Gazpromneft-Aero provides FSFs with automated technological process management systems, which guarantees high levels of safety and allows remote management of production activities. The digital metering of petroleum product flow at F&L warehouses is being provided at all stages, from the delivery of products to the warehouse to the into-wing fueling.

The company was the first among all Russian aviation fuel companies to initiate automated commercial metering of aviation fuel that meets to global IATA standards.

One of the elements of the automated system is the commercial metering module installed on a fuel tanker truck, which automatically determines weight of fuel and, via a GSM transmitter, sends an online report of refueling to the company's server.

Automated commercial metering of aviation fuel will enable sending invoices to airlines and controlling the accounts receivable in online mode. The system will also prevent the operator from making errors in calculating the weight of fuel supplied and in preparing primary documents after the refueling procedure.



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